Attorneys & Staff

At the law office of William R. Bunt, our entire staff follows a very deliberate philosophy of practicing law: We dedicate ourselves to providing each of our clients with legal services that are tailored to their specific needs. Often, these legal needs are dictated by the rural nature of Perry County and/or the local practices and rules that cannot be addressed by more impersonal legal services.

In particular, legal transactions with respect to real estate and end-of-life issues benefit from our firm's individualized approach. We work closely with all of our firm's clients to ensure that their real estate transactions avoid the legal defects that are so prevalent in today's real estate world, such as defective titles and poorly drafted agreements of sale. When it comes to real estate transactions, particularly residential real estate, we provide services at a fraction of the cost of real estate brokerage companies and realtor-associated settlement companies.

All discussions with potential clients remain entirely confidential.